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Transforward opened in 2019 with the intention of expanding high quality mental healthcare access to the trans community that centers whole body health and healing through trauma-informed support.

​Transforward's mission has evolved in centering healing by providing an intentional space for trans people across identities in finding agency, embodiment, understanding, and acceptance for what was, what is, and what will come throughout a life journey. How can we "find the gray" in our experiences, while fostering internal peace and resiliency in a largely transphobic society?

Gender variance within the embodiment of gender is a part of being human. The trans experience is not an inherently distressing experience. Transforward's practice is grounded in reframing "dysphoria" as trauma to the body, coming from internalized shame over the lifetime, versus "dysphoria" as a pathological, psychological source of distress. In short, there is nothing wrong with the trans body or experience, yet perhaps there is something wrong with society's inability to see trans people as people. 

Transforward hopes to uplift and honor the trans experience and body according to each individual's medical, social, and psycho-emotional needs, while advocating for the trans community on systemic levels.



Stefan J. Simanovich, LCSW, EMDRIA Certified

Stefan is a trans man from rural North Carolina who moved to New York City to pursue his social work license at

Columbia University in 2013. Stefan has worked in a variety of context, including NYC Department of Education, LGBT+ affirming group practices, and mental health clinics. Stefan has worked with hundreds of trans folks across ages and backgrounds, and has developed a depth of understanding of the how "the body keeps the score" for someone at the intersection of Socio-cultural trauma, Complex PTSD, and the trans experience. Stefan centers his practice in uplifting the trans experience and body through holding space for deinternalizing negative beliefs of self by using somatic approaches and EMDR therapy. Stefan focuses his practice on accompanying folks in accessing embodiment, agency, understanding, and internal harmony. Stefan sees the therapeutic relationship as a reciprocal exchange of curiosity and empathy in honoring space for all the parts of someone's experience and healing journey. 




"how the body keeps the score"
accessing internal peace, embodiment, and healing at the intersection of Complex PTSD, Socio-cultural trauma, and the trans body.


"finding the gray" in our experiences and identities as connected to societal and intrapersonal understandings of gender, the embodiment of gender, and sexuality.


the intersectionality of social and personal identities as connected to societal conditions, circumstances & systems of oppression.