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Transforward opened in 2019 with the intention of expanding high quality mental healthcare access to the trans community that centers whole body health and healing through trauma-informed support.

​Transforward's mission has evolved in centering healing by providing an intentional space for trans people across identities and expressions in finding agency, embodiment, acceptance and authenticity.

Gender variance within the embodiment of gender is a part of being human. The trans experience and gender is not an inherently distressing experience. Transforward's practice is grounded in reframing "dysphoria" as trauma to the body, coming from internalized shame over the lifetime in a largely transphobic society, versus "dysphoria" as a pathological, psychological source of distress. In short, there is nothing wrong with the trans body or experience, yet perhaps there is something wrong with society's inability to see trans people as people. 

Transforward hopes to uplift and honor the trans experience and body according to each individual's medical, social, and psycho-emotional needs, while advocating for the trans community on larger community levels.

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Stefan J. Simanovich, LCSW, EMDRIA Certified

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